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Personalized Coaching for Entrance exams

  • CTR: 10%
  • Conversion Rate: 6%
  • Leads: 10,000 +

The goal was to attract new students in a highly competitive niche, where students typically favor established names like Career Launcher and Times Education.


Alchemist introduced a new way of coaching, different from the traditional methods used by big players. However, it's been tough to get noticed because there's a lot of competition online and offline.


We came up with a brand new plan for advertising online to help students do better in tough exams like CAT and GMAT. This plan included things like making ads on social media, using Google Ads, answering questions on places like Quora, and trying out many other creative ideas.


In the campaign’s inaugural month of activity We’ve achieved a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 10%, which generated 1000+ new leads in 1 month. Till Aug 2023 we provided more than 10,000 leads with very high final conversion rate.